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Eco-friendly Remanufactured Toner Cartridges by Tonergreen

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Select your brand from our wide selection of laser toner cartridges for your printer. TonerGreen offers US-Made, Eco-Friendly compatible toner cartridges for most of the popular brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, Dell, Konica-Minolta, Okidata, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, and Xerox.

All our compatible toner cartridges are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to work in your printer and provide consistent, high-quality output.

TonerGreen provides a full-line of toner cartridge and printer supplies for virtually all makes and models. If your HP or Xerox toner is not currently listed in our site, feel free to contact our customer service so we can double check the in inventory and offer the toner cartridge for you. The same is true for other toner models under the brands we offer.

We would like you to choose TonerGreen supplies for your printing needs. We offer deals and discounts without the lengthy prerequisites whose goal is to make you spend more than necessary just to get the discount. Just a note of caution, customers like you should be careful when deciding which compatible toner cartridge to buy or which store to buy from because not all compatible toners are created equal. At TonerGreen, we only sell high quality products. We also have an active phone line, a live chat feature, and email support so you can easily reach us. Our store has been certified by the Better Business Bureau to ensure our customers' security.

Why Choose TonerGreen?

  • We have an active customer service department where you can talk to a live person if there is a problem.
  • We stand by the products we make: 1-year warranty on all printer toner and ink cartridges.
  • We subscribe to guarantee your privacy, security, and confidence.

Shop now and start saving up to 80%. Remanufactured and compatible toners are not only a great way to join the "Go Green!" revolution. They are also a good way to save that hard-earned dollar. We look forward to serving you. Buy our products online or place your order today through our Toll Free Number (888) 714-8219.

Trivia on Toner Cartridges and Laser Printing Technology:

  • Toner is a powder made from a mixture of carbon, polymer, and a color agent. This powder mixture is contained in a toner cartridge, usually made of plastic, which is inserted into a laser or LED printer for printing.
  • Toner formulations vary from one manufacturer to another and that's true even on machines. However to achieve efficiency, we find ways to create universal laser toner cartridges that are compatible with various printers.
  • Toner particle is melted by the heat of the fuser and is binded to the paper with a photoconductor (drum unit).
  • Some cartridge designs incorporate the drum cartridge into the toner cartridges, combining both parts into a single unit. Other toner cartridges have a separate drum unit such as Brother toner cartridges.
  • Toner cartridge page yield is the number of pages that it will be expected to print. This number is based on 5% coverage, which means that for the average page, 5% of the output will be covered in toner after printing.

Environmentally Friendly

Go Green by Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges!

Recycling printer cartridges is the best thing you can do to save the earth! Using remanufactured laser printer toner cartridges and remanufactured printer ink cartridge is like investing into your health or in your child's future. Why? In acquiring materials to produce our remanufatured cartridges, our efforts have helped redirect more than 300 tons of waste from the landfill. It's easy to see how printer cartridge recycling lets you have a cleaner environment while bringing you more savings.

Remanufactured printer cartridges allow you to contribute to the lessening of wastes and pollution. About 350 to 375 million empty cartridges are discarded per year in the U.S. and this figure increases at a rate of 12% per year.

Although recycling printer cartridges has grown in popularity in recent years, as much as 70% of all discarded ink cartridges and 50% of all discarded toner cartridges are still not recycled. They go straight to the landfills where they decompose only after 450 to 1,000 years. This adds to our litter and may eventually leak and pollute the environment even more.

TonerGreen gives you the opportunity to do your share in saving our earth and joining the Go Green! revolution. Visit at for more information.

So how does out remanufacturing process work?


Inspection of raw materials
All materials are individually inspected and verified against strict standards. Inspection is especially thorough for empty toner cartridges. The inspection involves a visual inspection of dents, scratches or sign of too much strain. Components are also inspected for conformity to industry standard
Recycling cartridge components
When a toner cartridge is no longer viable but its parts are still useable, the toner cartridge is dissembled and recycled. The components are then sorted in the OEM raw materials bin and will be used in the remanufacturing process.

Empty toner cartridges are carefully disassembled and split. The cartridge is split using a custom splitting equipment to preserve the integrity of the cartridge.

Cleaning toner cartridges
The toner cartridge is methodically cleaned with industry-approved cleaning solution to remove residue and alien particles from the components. If the cartridge is using recycled parts, the parts are individually cleaned, as well.
Digital auto-filling
Using an automated filling equipment, each cartridge is precisely filled to the exact specified weight. Toner hoppers are filled with premium toners, which are technically matched to the OPCs (drum) for optimal yields and printer performance.
The toner hopper (the cavity in the cartridge that contains the toner powder) is sealed to create leak-proof cartridge that is easy for the consumer to install. We use only industry-recognized and patent-conforming seal process.
Our factory-trained technicians assemble all cartridges both with compatible components and used OEM materials. The assembly process includes the installation of a pre-qualified drum (OPC), wiper blade, doctor blade, PCR, magnetic roller, and smart chip. True to our commitment to environmental preservation, we strive to maximize the use of recycled components from 39% - 75%.
Post testing
Each cartridge is post tested based on industry standard print tests to ensure outstanding performance and OEM-comparative print quality.
Quality control
Each step in our manufacturing process is monitored by dedicated quality control technicians. Each step in our production process undergoes regular and spot inspections to guarantee consistency and conformity to the company-approved remanufacturing process.
Each cartridge undergoes a final inspection to ensure that it meets company standard and consumer expectation. Cartridges are cleaned, polished, heat-sealed in a static resistant bag, and boxed in our custom-designed recycled bo

TonerGreen Coupons Page

TonerGreen Coupons & Promo

We are happy to announce that TonerGreen now offers free shipping on every order to the Contiguous US.
This means that whether you need one or one hundred toners, your shipment will come at no extra charge!

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